Our Ministries

Small Groups

At CH Fellowship, we offer many different small groups throughout the week.  Small groups are the foundation of our family.  They are a safe place to learn, laugh, grow and be a part of something special.  So whether you want to dive into a book of the bible, study an important topic or help with events for the community, small groups are where its at!  Join us on Sunday to see the current schedule of meeting times!

Food Ministry

Every Sunday we have fresh items available from Trader Joe's as well as bread products from Costco.  Every second and fourth Sunday, our food ministry team, Jenny and Troy Osborne along with their dedicated team, hand out full food boxes containing meat, milk, eggs and more - along with an uplifting prayer.  Whether for yourself, neighbor or loved one, please stop by West Hall after service to receive your box.  Be blessed! 

Senior Saints

Whether your golden years start at 40 or 90, our Senior Saints know how to fellowship!  From small groups to potlucks to prayer chains and care ministries, our saints serve in many ways - and have a good time doing it!

Children's Ministry

Our children are truly our future.  Help build the foundation of faith that will stay with them as they grow by bringing them to our Children's Ministry program during service.   Songs, puppets, stories, prayer time and playtime all bring the love of Jesus to life.  And with special events throughout the year, your kids will have a great time and make new friends!

Chaplaincy Program

More information soon!

Hospitality Ministry

Every Sunday morning, our hospitality team offers an inviting place to grab a cup of coffee and some goodies - while catching up on how your week went!  Always a lively place full of laughter and good conversation.  Sometimes we have to round them all up and get them into service!

Sewing Ministry

Our sewing team meets every Tuesday at 5:50 PM to work on projects for the community.  Warm blankets and prayer cloths bring much comfort to those who are ill or hospitalized.  Or maybe there is a new baby on the way.  Want to learn how to sew?  All levels are welcome and we look forward to meeting you!

Care Ministry

 At CHF, we are a church family.  As a family, we take care of each other.  The first Sunday of every month, a special offering is taken to be used for the care of our church family.  If there is a need we can assist with, our Care Team is there to lend a hand.  This also includes a prayer chain that is activated for any prayer requests.  We also offer benevolence care for those who have lost a loved one.  A luncheon is provided after the memorial service to assist the family in their time of need.  Please contact Lorraine for further information on any of these vital services at 916-725-6228. 

Men's & Women's Ministries

From Men's breakfast to Ladies Night Out, there is something for everyone at CHF!